West Coast Region

The West Coast Fish and Game Region extends from Kahurangi point, north of Karamea, to Awarua point south of Haast. In between lies some 2m hectares, much of it in wilderness. With the pressures of modern life, increasing numbers of anglers rate isolation, peace and solitude almost as highly as the opportunity to fish for wild trout.

Although the West Coast climate is not generally suited to upland gamebirds the Region abounds with habitat for species that require wetlands. Grey and mallard duck, shoveler, Paradise shelduck and Pukeko are the predominant species. Good opportunities also exist for Canada goose hunting.

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West Coast News

West Coast Reel Life NOV 2016

The spring weather has been really pronounced this month, as a number of fronts have passed over the country bringing wet weather to the Coast.


West Coast Reel Life OCT 2016

Early season reports from anglers have been positive with a number of good trout present in the lower reaches of West Coast Rivers.


West Coast Reel Life SEP 2016

Opening day is now only weeks away. With the arrival of daylight savings and warmer weather starting to show up, it’s time to start thinking about where to try early in the season.


West Coast Reel Life AUG 2016

The weather has been great on the West Coast recently, ideal for fishing those areas that remain open throughout the season.